Sopranessence in the Press

Concert Review: ‘Affairs of the Heart’

“…chills ran down my spine at the powerful harmonies of Sopranessence.”

“…the pieces Sopranessence chose to perform were accessible and thrilling.”

“Sopranessence is a treat to witness, both for their vocals and for the diversity of the songs they execute. Sopranessence states that their goal is to ‘break the stereotype of classical music being stuffy and distant,’ and the accessibility and fun they bring to their pieces does just that.”

-MD Theatre Guide, February 14, 2017

Photo by “Mickey” Thompson, Social Sightings

Seven Groups Chosen to Sing in
Cherry Blossom Festival Parade

Judges picked seven pitch perfect acts at the end of the night to sing at the parade.

The winners are Sopranessence,Jeyhan Turker,Audrey Kate Taylor,THEYCALLMEPIANO,Del Travar,Charnita Edwards and Jackets Off.

Adrienne Neal,managing director of Sopranessence,said the festival gives the group a chance to showcase its rebranding.

“We got that sassy vibe, and we worked it,” Neal said after the competition.

-Scripps Howard Foundation Wire, January 28, 2015

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