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"Rebooting Classical Music"

About Us


Sopranessence, formerly 7 Sopranos®, was founded by Cynthia Cole in 2007. Mrs. Cole’s vision was to form an ensemble of seven professional female singers (sopranos) that would perform unique arrangements of opera, musical theater and other traditional American repertoire.  The goal for the ensemble’s performances was to break the modern pop culture stereotype that this kind of music is stuffy and distant.  The ensemble began with various performances in Northern Virginia throughout the calendar year.  By 2013, the ensemble had expanded its reach to include performances throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region

In March of 2015, Mrs. Cole stepped down from her position as Director of the ensemble and granted the ensemble members permission to continue the group.  The ensemble members chose to rebrand under the name, Sopranessence, with the intent of expanding Mrs. Cole’s vision to include educational and charitable programs.  The ensemble provides opportunities for emerging local female artists who collaborate to create these engaging performances. Sopranessence maintains a roster of female singers for its concerts, however, no more than seven singers are engaged in any one performance.


Sopranessence brings this music to life in new and joyous experiences for audiences of all ages and levels of musical sophistication. The performances are noteworthy for being fast-paced, fun and entertaining. Sopranessence envisions a world where teenagers, truck drivers and tax accountants alike, can relate to, enjoy and, yes, even have fun with some of the greatest musical compositions of all time. Public performances awaken audiences from all walks of life to see classical music as an art form meant for everyone, one that mirrors our joys, shortcomings, dilemmas, and passions – the shared experiences expressed by this wonderful art form! 


Sopranessence is an ensemble unlike any other. The group will take you on a musical rollercoaster from operatic arias, Broadway show tunes and beloved songs from American culture. Not a fan of opera? You don’t have to be! After seeing one performance, you’ll be laughing, crying and held in suspense by the beautiful voices of these talented Divas.

Meet the Divas

Adrienne Neal, Soprano

Managing Director


Elizabeth Mondragon, Mezzo-soprano


Eriko Murray, Soprano


julia Turnbull, Soprano


Krystal Waters, Soprano


Keely Borland, Soprano


Loghan Bazan, Mezzo-Soprano


Nicole Lamm, Soprano

Co-Artistic Director

b227 final retouch

Bharati Soman, Soprano

Co-Artistic Director

ruth pixbwflat2

Ruth Locker, Pianist